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Over the past 28 years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the finest organizations and

brands in the world.



Some clients of note (above):

Northwestern University Golf award-winning poet, award-winning photographer & professor Thomas Sayers Ellis    CNN / MSNBC Political Analyst & professor Dr. Jason Johnson | pioneering hip-hop legends De La SoulMTV Road Rules' Devin Elston world renown DJ, brand consultant and tech investor Mick | former All-Pro defensive tackle

Ted Washington | NBA Legend Larry Nance and 3-time NBA Champion and 4-time MVP LeBron James





Apparel Design

We have many years of experience designing apparel, for it is our passion. The t-shirt was the first product we designed and sold in our early days. We will make yours shine.




Brochures allow for you to market your brand in a very succinct way.  Catalogues are also a design staple of ours- we you must show your capabilities and products with great photography in gloss.




Because we have spent many years in the industry, we are open to sharing our insight and acumen with you to help you get everything you want and need when it comes to developing & marketing your brand.



Corporate Identity

The hallmark of your brand. What makes you, well, you. This is what seperates you from your competitors. Let us make it right. The first time.




Flyers are an easy way to get the word out 'in the streets'.  We have exactly what you are looking for to market your company, organization or product through this high touch medium.  Our hand cards say all the right things- we will even help you with the copy. (wording)



Interior Design

Our second love! Fresh ideas for any space- home, office, restaurant, stadium, warehouse, etc. Spacial planning, fabric selection, art pieces, furniture, textures and textiles- we get our hands dirty and insure your peace of mind throughout all steps of the process. 



Logo Re-development

In case it wasn't done right the first time, let us help you reshape your brand. We can massage your current identity into something new and now.




Display techniques, free samples, on-the-spot demonstration, pricing, special offers, and other point-of-sale methods- anything that encompasses planning involved in marketing the right merchandise at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price. We can help.




Sometimes, the way something is packaged conveys the exact message your customer is looking for and is the difference between the purchase of your product versus the competition.  Don't leave the design of your packaging to amateurs.



Product Graphics

We make more than just Barbie dolls look pretty- we can make your products look lovely. Beyond your wildest dreams. Come on, let us know how we can help accentuate your visuals and beautify your product's selfie. 




Designing stickers is a way of life for us. It's a culture all its own. Let us design a set of pieces for you that speaks to who your company is and leave clients and potential clients with a little swag that promotes your business. 



Web Design

Well, well, well. World wide web. Let us help you become more interesting and tell your story to everyone on the planet. Virtually. Everyone. Yes, virtually everyone.


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